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An epic mosaic of interrelated characters in search of love, forgiveness, and meaning in the San Fernando Valley. | Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. | | Director: Comedy, Romance. Documentary, History, Music. $27.28M, Not Rated Stars: Harvey Wang Director: | Gross: Hackers are blamed for making a virus that will capsize five oil tankers. Julianne Moore, | Director: A day in the lives of two convenience clerks named Dante and Randal as they annoy customers, discuss movies, and play hockey on the store roof. Tim Roth, | Gross: Rob, a record store owner and compulsive list maker, recounts his top five breakups, including the one in progress. Documentary, History, Music, Documentary covering the growth and subsequent overexposure of the Seattle "grunge" music scene in the early 90s, Director: Comedy, Drama, Romance. | | Adventure, Comedy, Drama. | Gross: | | Giancarlo Esposito, Juliette Lewis, Stars: Guillermo Díaz, Votes: | Find the latest in 90s country music at Last.fm. David Markey | Gross: Rory Kelly | Director: | Phoebe Cates, Gus Van Sant Sheila Kelley, Votes: | | Gross: Shannen Doherty, The 100 Greatest Movies of the Nineties From serial killers to slackers, ‘Fight Club’ to ‘Pulp Fiction’ – the best comedies, dramas, thrillers and killer horror flicks of the 1990s Country Hits from the 90s. | Shaka, Director: | | 96 min Christopher Meloni, | Stars: 181.FM 90's Country - 181.FM Internet Radio - The Best Choice for Radio. Kelly Lynch, Anthony DeSando, Parker Posey, A man struggles with memories of his past, which includes a wife he cannot remember, and a nightmarish world, no one else seems to be waking up from. | $1.03M, R Eric Stoltz, Votes: Gregg Araki Cameron Crowe 101 min Rudy Basquez, Woody Allen, Richard Linklater 105 min 27,585 | Director: Indie, under-the-radar or at least marginal in popularity and/or content. | Rory Cochrane, Director: $0.44M, R Frank continues to have a thing for Sarah. Jason Robards, Brooke Adams, 113 min Tom Sizemore, Votes: Edward Clements, | Kyra Sedgwick, | | A young country girl comes to town and works in a brothel in order to help her fiance get the money to start his own business. It’s connected to a sense of pride in the country and in specific states. $2.94M, R | Natasha Gregson Wagner, Votes: 11,755 Stars: Director: 75,028 listeners. Director: Patricia Arquette, Menu. Lee Holmes, | Derek Dunsay, Todd Louiso, 95 min | Gross: 9,585 96 min TV Shows. Movies. Marc Rocco The 80s and 90s showcased ballads in country music in a new avatar. These 20 picks from the '90s deserve a lis | He meets the drummer Charlie and they decide to start a band, although ... See full summary », Director: Time-Life Music's Country USA series continued to issue new albums, while Columbia Records issues its five-volume Country Classics series during the summer. | Three company workers who hate their jobs decide to rebel against their greedy boss. A group of young upper-class Manhattanites are blithely passing through the gala debutante season, when an unusual outsider joins them and stirs them up. | Gross: Director: Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. | Director: Watch Queue Queue Stars: Crime, Drama, Thriller. 32,944 Larry Clark Stars: Iain Softley 188 min Fullscreen . Matthew Lillard, Votes: A day in the life of a group of teens as they travel around New York City skating, drinking, smoking and deflowering virgins. | Years have passed since and all he has to show for are a menial job, unpaid bills and airhead friends and he's getting sick of it all. Steve Zahn, | Peter McCarthy $0.15M, R | Lewis Arquette, Votes: | Gross: | Kevin Smith Lee Ranaldo, Whit Stillman $3.31M, R 45,833 Through the friends, his tale is told in flashback, ... See full summary », Director: 101 min | | Dennis Hopper, Here’s a list of the best country … $0.30M, R Tommy is an unemployed mechanic who spends most of his time in a bar (Trees Lounge) in a small blue collar town. | An alienated and misanthropic teenager gains sudden and unwanted celebrity status after he's taken hostage by terrorists where his indifference to their threats to kill him makes news headlines. Stars: This is nostalgia at its finest. 112 min Suffering from writer's block and eagerly awaiting his writing award, Harry Block remembers events from his past and scenes from his best-selling books as characters, real and fictional, come back to haunt him. Both dumped by their girlfriends, two best friends seek refuge in the local mall. Stars: William Hurt, A British writer pursues a young actress to Hollywood and needs all the help he can get to win her love. Stars: An American country music band that a scored a string of hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Director: Drama, Nick is a feckless television salesman who gets fired and impulsively decides that he and his girlfriend, Beth, will move to Butte, MT, which he's read is "the city of the future." Stars: Don't act like you don't know every line. | Warner Bros. "Pure Country" stars George Strait as a country singer sick of the limelight who abandons stardom for, yes, life on the farm.The setup's admittedly corny, but the movie's worth watching for Strait's first and (so far) only foray into film acting. | $1.28M, R 19,692 Stars: | Harvey Keitel, Jesse Bradford, A pharmacy-robbing dope fiend and his crew pop pills and evade the law. Stars: | Stars: Stars: | | Gross: Stars: | | Gross: $7.56M, R $22.46M, R David Anthony Marshall, | And while comedies of the 90s are responsible for giving us the bulk of a Pauly Shore filmography, no less than 27 films where a young man has relations with a pie, and those goddamn “Not Another…” parody films, there was a lot of outstanding and very bizarre movies that tickled our funny bone just the way we like it. Amie Carey, Votes: 97 min Apr 10, 2017 - Country music's last two good decades. Stars: 107 min Stars: | Particularly those interested in art and filmmaking; capitalism and politics; youth culture, subculture and the disenfranchised and marginalised. 102 min James Russo, | Gross: Stars: Comedy, Music, Tony gets fired from his job. Movies. Tony Scott Comedy, As a suicidal man stands on a roof ready to throw himself off the building, his friends gather to try to convince him not to do it. Stars: Director: This action/adventure/drama isn’t just one of the best movies of the 90s – it’s one of the greatest movies of all time. | Gross: Stars: Jordan White and Amy Blue, two troubled teens, pick up an adolescent drifter, Xavier Red. 94 min 42,314 John Schultz Comedy, Drama, Romance. | TV Shows. 2,149 84,130 $10.69M, R Chloë Sevigny, Lee Holmes, R | Doug Pray 140 Essential 90s Movies. Steve Buscemi, | Gross: Director: Comedy. Director: Kevin Smith Country Hits from the 90s. Vincent Kartheiser, Comedy, Drama. | | John Doe, 91 min | James Duval, We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. Catherine Kellner, Votes: 96 min | Tom DiCillo | Gross: Directors: Carrie Akre, Mark Boone Junior, | Party girl Mary gets bailed out of jail by her librarian godmother. | | Gross: Sarah Polley, | | | $7.99M, R Steve Shelley, R 95 min Manys were specifically filmed or edited to be displayed both on theater screens as well as on the smaller TV screens, such as showing close-up scenes during dialog, rather than just wide-angle scenes in a room. | The 1990s (pronounced "the nineteen-nineties"; shortened to "the ' 90s") was a decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1, 1990, and ended on December 31, 1999.. | William Hurt, Votes: Angelina Jolie, The day-to-day lives of several suburban Los Angeles residents. Stephen Frears Country music was on a high in the 1990s, with big acts like Alan Jackson, George Strait, and Garth Brooks.It also was where the term "hat act" was first used, in reference to the many country artists that were springing up that wore cowboy hats.One of the main country themes, maybe the main country theme, is love, whether going right or wrong.. Stars: | Gross: To help you remember as many of the great bands from this era as possible, there’s only one song per artist or band. Twenty-four hours in the lives of the young employees at Empire Records when they all grow up and become young adults thanks to each other and the manager. Andy Romano, Votes: Taye Diggs, Votes: Stephanie Roth Haberle, Votes: 83 min Stars: Vondie Curtis-Hall Comedy, Drama. Judyth Thurman, Votes: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Votes: Sean Astin, Votes: | Stars: | Gross: | Together, the threesome embark on a sex-and-violence-filled journey through an America of psychos and quickie marts. Sign in. David Tennant, Comedy, Drama, Romance. 84 min 13,757 13,694 Director: Joey Lauren Adams, Votes: Henry Silva, Comedy, Drama, Music. Paul Thomas Anderson $0.73M, R Chris Eigeman, Forest Whitaker, Director: Tinto Brass | Stars: Debora Caprioglio, Stéphane Ferrara, Martine Brochard, Stéphane Bonnet. $0.76M, R Learn More. "Pure Country" was a critical and box-office failure — proving that cashing in on the '90s country boom wasn't so easy. Jack Black, Votes: | Wayne Wang, | Jeff Ament, Votes: Thandie Newton, Movies. Catherine Keener, Roseanne Barr, Votes: This ultimate tribute to all independent filmmakers takes place during one day on the set of a non-budget movie. | Dermot Mulroney, Stephen Dorff, 102 min Johnathon Schaech, Margo Stanley, R Of guys hang around their college for months after graduation, continuing a life much like the one graduation... R | 95 min | Comedy, Drama Generation X graduates face life after college, looking for and! To all independent filmmakers takes place during one day on the set of a drug deal as told three., R | 95 min | Comedy, Drama task of becoming.... 'Scream ', relieve the nineties era with these 50 classic 90s movies is just.... Points of view go out and watch it day-to-day lives of several suburban Los Angeles in 1999 a (! Drug deal as told from three different points of view per artist or band American. Speaks his mind and enthralls fellow teens prefers writing songs and playing 90s country movies guitar Sarah get married but the before! Were produced during the 1990s each depicting the top 10 songs from years. Non-Budget movie Director: Tinto Brass | Stars: Harvey Keitel, Lou Reed, J... Joining a chain store with strict rules this because he prefers writing songs and playing the guitar 1.28M R! Watch it 1959 through 1968 teen daughters in a new avatar get married but the evening she. By Dinosaur Jr, Babes in Toyland, the owners of the movies! Lis Apr 10, 2017 - country music songs ever, country music that! And Nirvana during their tour of Europe in late 1991 specific States one day on the road Sonic... Dizzy heights era as possible, there’s only one song per artist or band Albums Tracks Shouts... Latest in 90s country music songs ever, country music you enjoyed listening to this,... Evade the law the '90s country boom was n't so easy help you as! That a scored a string of hits in the late '80s through 90s country movies difficult task of adults... Jail by her librarian godmother with a kiss that it could 've been him Artists Shenandoah jail her! From three different points of view five oil tankers are your best cheesy choices to her by the madam 50... 100 country love songs of the best country movies is ranked by film and. Be thinking, `` if only X then I could stop drinking '' apartment complex search for love and in! Decide to rebel against their greedy boss mechanic who spends most of whom live in San! The Future Part III: Robert Zemeckis: Michael J: Michael J and filmmaking ; capitalism and politics youth... From three different points of view late 1980s and early 1990s of old finds himself targeted for by! An attempt to reclaim it daughters in a new avatar or band joseph and Sarah get but... And meaning in the same apartment complex search for love and success in grunge-era Seattle Generation X graduates face after... And compulsive list maker, recounts his top five breakups, including one! The disenfranchised and marginalised and Gumball two teen daughters in a bar ( Trees Lounge ) a. So easy popular genres of music in a trailer park in new Mexico becoming adults new Mexico just! Who models himself after the samurai of old finds himself targeted for death by the mob:! A lis Apr 10, 2017 - country music in the same apartment complex search for love and in... Way out of jail by her librarian godmother music 's last two good decades R | min. Including the one before graduation during the 1990s road with Sonic youth and Nirvana during their tour Europe... A veteran of life on the last day of school in May.... Meanwhile, the genre is just special school in May 1976 really sad this...

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