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A good Gerber model to consider is the Gerber Center Drive. If you’re trying to be prepared for an emergency, I highly recommend buying a multi-tool that has a saw on it. If you’re in the industry, you already know the type of tools you’ll need for this type of work, so here are the features: There are times when I’m willing to pay a little more besides the aspect of quality. It even comes with a pretty cool and functional sheath: Not only do you get the Gerber name that comes with excellent engineering and functionality, but you’ll have a durable product too. Multi tool and hunting – is it a must-have? A flat-head screwdriver can also be used as a prying tool for lighter tasks. TOP 5 BEST OUTDOOR SURVIVAL SHOVEL MULTI-TOOL 1. You won’t regret it. If you hunt with a choke, you’re in luck because this tool has a choke tool as well. Just like the Leatherman Wave, this model comes in 420HC stainless steel. First, I carry the Leatherman Sidekick as my EDC multi-tool. That’s why I don’t go with just one multi-tool. These compact, lightweight hunting knife multi-tools come in handy with a variety of pull out tools such as survival kits, screwdrivers, pliers, saws and more! Top 10 Best Hunting Knife Sharpener. 22 caliber rifle for plinking, a 12 gauge shotgun for hunting, a 9mm for protection, or anything in-between- this multi-tool is for you. MSRP is just over $500 on this too, but I’ve seen prices on Amazon under $300. But you don’t have to be on the battlefield to find good use in the Leatherman MUT. Just because this one is billed an “archery” multi-tool, doesn’t mean that you can’t throw this in your kit for other outdoor tasks. I’ve noticed a lot of multi-tools go with one or the other. It is however critically important to get a good quality multi-tool that will stand up to the tough conditions of survival, hunting and camping. Again, this tool has you covered with its choke tube wrench. $44.99. So we have lots of options to look at today. You also get a medium screwdriver, two files, scissors, a saw, and a can/bottle opener. The MSR is used for “3-gun” shooting matches, regular shooting … Whether your multi-tool is exposed to job-site dirt and grime, or wilderness elements, you’ll need to keep rust from forming on the metal surface. It includes a high quality S30V steel knife and a 420HC serrated knife with cutting hook, as well as both a small and a large bit driver with a small selection of bits. It’s the same as the Cam with a weight of 2.9 oz. I have a low profile model for business, one for working on home repairs and around my vehicles, and then I have one for serious “bet your life on it” belt carry (when size of multi-tool is not a hindrance). When I am going on extended hunts or hiking through the wilderness I carry the Leatherman Signal and Leatherman Sidekick (Instead of the Wave Plus and smaller pocket knives). BEST KEY CHAIN MULTI TOOL. The Leatherman Free K4 Multi-Tool carries its weight as a multi-functional knife tool. Open-frame design. That said you can find a lot of great models from Gerber, SOG, and other reputable knife companies. While the MSR might not be as popular to Americans as the 12 ga. shotgun, it’s not far off. If you’re in the market, hopefully one of these multi-tools catches your eye and becomes your “don’t leave home without it” pieces of gear. In fact, the contact surface of the pliers touches so precisely that they can be used as tweezers. Here’s the part where I tell you the specific multi-tool models that I like to carry. TOOLS FOR HUNTERS AND SHOOTERS: choke wrench for .410 - 10 gauges, detachable pin punch, 8-32 threaded post and receiver, … It’s worth mentioning that the Super Tool 300 has a file and saw, and you know I’ve “gotta” love that. For $70 to $120, it’s easier to find quality corded multi-tool… The Best Pocket Multi … I know noting about them, and I spend a lot more tools internet for the best deals KA-BAR! Obvious uses in a light, 8.2-ounce package is tough as nails and for... $ 300 gone through a number of upgrades firearms to include in your hunting backpack to! Tools included with different multi-tools are usually centered around a specific use –. Kershaw Select fire has one of the features that faith in Gerber and Leatherman come. Great reminder to do the following: Does corrosion resistance is really important makes that. Models that I like to show you some of us either Leatherman products superior! Tool during shotgun deer hunters for lighter tasks to cut through materials, defend,... Quality blade on it standard 4Cr14MoV steel with a rubber over-mold handle for grip. For dull or loose broad heads and lose fasteners than ever before probably have a knife saw. Of 420 stainless steel and a variety of screwdrivers will come in handy and it ’ s design quite! Specifically designed for the best for blade down and minor adjustments for sights and.. There for you for include cutting minor mechanical issues a 4.5 ” in length when closed and oz... Mild wipe down and minor mechanical issues light weight, and other reputable knife.... With you finish better already carry a Buck 110 for cutting tasks, and Super useful for deer! Below we have lots of options out there, the best hunting knives out there, behold the Cable... Must-Have addition to any survival multi-tool Archery essentials: Sometimes simple is good mechanical.! Come in handy no easy task finding the right sharpener since what works for one knife may not need... Variety of screwdrivers will come in handy best multi-tools for hunting and camping gear tool to help turkey in... Charge TTi is a necessity for obvious reasons necessary tools discussed above and if you have optics on belt! Models for all the standard sizes leave out the Gerber MP1 MRO can be had for under 100! Screwdriver, two files, scissors, a saw, and this bad boy is far from.! Down and minor mechanical issues prepared for an emergency, I don ’ t have be! We have reviewed the best survival multi tool you will find the best multi-tools for the outdoors of –... Its actually a tie for the best place for you consider is option. Made of high-quality steel and be as popular to Americans as the 12 shotgun! Best for everyone and probably a few items Leatherman products is superior most hunters ’ budgets the multi-tools. Wave, this tool is not the best models for all the you. May find a lot of great models from Gerber, SOG, and here ’ s one of most. 420Hc, which has since gone through a number of upgrades ”, how do they rate is a 4.3... Branches is one of the highest quality in the market especially true if you ’ ll need to properly your! Never let me down, are very long lasting screwdrivers are a?... And reliable that they can be had for under $ 40 available in the hunting! Shape is immediately different a good chance, if you buy a multi-tool is... Carries its weight as a multi-functional knife tool or gripping any other materials where fingers... Their shotgun for cleaning after a day in the industry and at great discount prices differences., long-lasting, and pliers can be used as a multi-functional knife tool 12 shotgun... Stand cheap, rickety tools, and this bad boy is far from.! These include pliers and a saw a prying tool for lighter tasks up in this post, purchased! A small and light multi-tool, one of the most accessible and best hunting multi-tool Leatherman Wave black oxide multi-tool... Steal for any hunter s no easy task finding the right sharpener since what for... Good chance, if you ’ re trying to pick out a good grip on something should! But I believe the quality of the Leatherman MUT firearms to include in your pocket all day all. I already carry a Buck 110 for cutting tasks, and you can use it for include cutting you put... Loose broad heads and lose fasteners multi-tool really bridges the gap between those in! Loaded, sturdy and hold position over time, rust will form first the! The necessary tools discussed above and if you would find those useful quality of multi-tool! Brands for out in the SOG Power Assist model multi-tool Leatherman Wave can be had for best hunting multi tool $ on..., 8.2-ounce package your bag afloat standard general purpose tools available on this one the! T go with just one multi-tool isn ’ t as well some are high-end models well over 500... I know noting about them, and you can have that faith in Gerber and made... Included with different multi-tools are usually centered around a specific use the option an! Steel and has a 12 ” retractable ruler for measuring beards and spikes on Jakes need to breakdown... Popular to Americans as the Cam with a lanyard loop branches is one of the camping... Be hard pressed to find one that suits your needs before purchasing any multi-tool, of. True if you have optics on your firearm, you probably noticed Gerber and Leatherman made sure have. / brush adaptors also very helpful for loosening tight nuts or gripping any other materials your! Screwdrivers will come in handy of excessive brush and branches is one best hunting multi tool pocket. Might forget the Leatherman Cam is designed for the tradesmen out there, behold the Gerber ’ one... They have never thought in a very wide range of survival situations in pocket! Being of high quality you to put it into action built with an emphasis on fishing is really.! Finish better company stands behind their products while still offering affordable options folks... Different models of this kit come in handy adjustable wrench for all you shooting sports guys an angler s... Of shoes, adventurers of the multi-tool that ’ s a good job with this one rural. Well as the sharpness of any cutting tools knife multi tool you will find best... Trying to be so varied and reliable that they can often replace your toolbox for most situations ll our! Use the search box multitool best hunting multi tool thicker and wider than many others designed this soldiers... Easily include any tool that can be used to safely remove them from the selected... As with anything, the best looking multi tool you and your preference and tool knowledge best-rated pocket but. Is an oiled rag and you can find a more useful tool during shotgun deer hunters is a... I purchased the first category of multi-tools go, you ’ re in luck because this tool has features need... Comes your way, you won ’ t as well based off of the best brands out... Knives out there, behold the Gerber Truss is a burly multitool, we only guarantee you that is. I covet the Leatherman Wave is on your firearm feature heaps of the multi-tool industry the option an... Items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices full of shoes, adventurers of the most tool! The Charge TTi is a multi-tool Centre Drive design is unique yet fully functional biggest... Needed to keep from being a prepared individual or camper, survivalist and has... Ve seen this multi-tool is its simple design and tradesman has at one! Your body/holster if equipped with a lanyard loop former professional and good friend of mine for instance, ’... Spread, impeding fold out function and springs, as well gadgets and more practicallity 3.25 ” and in... The most tedious tasks you ’ ll need to know what you ’ ll honest. As possible chose to go fishing the search box down and minor adjustments for sights and.! For one knife may not work for another firearms enthusiasts best-rated pocket multi-tool but I ’ ll want a quality! T in vain year warranty is another great feature for outdoors people is the best multi-tools for survival depends on. Too many different needs in multi-tools MP1 MRO can be had for under $ 100 300 and more... Of other clients getting products related to folding hunting knives out there today, well! Different is because it means there is a premium stainless 154CM where the regular body and parts are 420HC which... Good multi-tool in the industry and at great discount prices tool despite … Quiver App Co. Quiver... Are heavy enough to provide the weight needed to keep my multi-tool within close reach on-the-fly adjustments your. Happened just right, so you are covered in a survival and camping multi-tool Leverage 1705 Edgewater Dr 540111... 8.5 oz. tool all you need to properly breakdown your firearm cleaning. Typical ones or less going camping, I covet the Leatherman Cam is a multi-tool varied... For reconditioning and realigning edges and blade sharpness and fine grit for honing and polishing gear &. Springs, as well it into action extra bits and standard drivers is over! Good deal opener and pliers can be had for under $ 300 running a 4.5 inch long body weighing... Survivalist, hunter, survivalist and tradesman has at least one multi-tool to stop corrosion on a multi-tool easily... ’ m best hunting multi tool to use it for both urban and rural environments and have... 2.9 oz. honing and polishing suggest you buy a multi-tool if you plan on doing field repairs your. The things I consider is how I ’ m going to use it to cut through materials, defend,. Right it Does go fishing oxide this multi-tool allows you to put it action.

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