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In 2008, the Alec Bradley Tempus selection – a 7-year project that began in 2001 – became the big breakthrough release Alan and Ralph had been waiting for. Pre-light flavor (cold draw): Leathery. Nica Puro gets off to a diverse start: coffee, some spice and salty enough to get the mouth watering. Balance of flavors: Complex with a good balance of sweet and spicy. Burn / Ash Quality:  Very good. While it was a dark wrapper, there still was some mottling on the surface visible. The smooth wrapper also had a light coating of oil on it. Pre-light flavor (cold draw): Earthy and leathery. Retrohale: Peppery yet still smooth. Each is adorned with the prefix “P,” meaning Punta Lanza (Pointed Lance). Base flavors: Earth, oak, nuts, pepper, cocoa. Balance of flavors: Very good. Cigar Reviews, $8 to $10 Range, 2019 Gatekeeper is the sophomore release from Alec & Bradley Cigars—a boutique-minded sub-brand under the Alec Bradley Cigar Co. umbrella that is spearheaded by Alec and Bradley Rubin. Retrohale: Copious amount of pepper and earth. First few puffs: A front-loaded shot of black pepper. I paired it after dinner with a Balvenie 12 year-old Doublewood Scotch and I didn’t want to move from my patio for hours. Summary: Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli was created to shine a light on the importance of Esteli, the beating heart of Nicaragua’s cigar industry. Midway through, and the experience remains more or less as it was when I began, aside from mellowing out slightly. If you like that, this cigar’s got your name on it. Draw: Very good, despite its solid packing. Draw:  Perfect. Aroma: Nutty and earthy. There’s a little pepper and spice at the start, but that Panamanian tobacco gives it a dark cherry-like sweetness that I just love. Aroma: Spicy and woody with a hint of cream. Construction: Dark brown, veiny wrapper. – Gary Korb, Country of Origin: Honduras Size: Toro (6″ x 52) Strength: Medium Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut Binder: Costa Rica Filler: Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua. I’m going to take the Robusto for a ride and see how it stacks up. — We’re bringing back the 12 days of CigarMas! Draw: Easy pull. Draw: Smooth and easy. Balance of flavors: Complex and extremely well-balanced. The dark Habano wrapper is attractive, thick, even in color, and devoid of any prominent veins. Aroma: Toasty, with a faint caramel sweetness. Burn & Ash Quality: Thick, mostly even burn leaves a chunky ash. It was just what cigar smokers needed in a post-cigar boom market. First Few Puffs: Spicy and sweet. Construction: Firmly rolled. The Honduran wrapper of the Alex Bradley Magic Toast Robusto had a dark roasted espresso color to it. From the initial light, I’m greeted by a slightly sweet aroma, hefty notes of black pepper, and an oaky presence of cashews. MAXX. There’s a slight spiciness that accompanies each retrohale, and I find that it’s better to hold back and smoke the cigar a bit more slowly than I normally would. The achievement helped grow the company at a rate it was not prepared for. Construction and Overall Appearance: Solidly built with a beautifully tapered head. – Jared Gulick, Country of Origin: Honduras Size: Robusto (5 ¼” x 52) Strength: Full Wrapper: Nicaraguan Hybrid  Binder: Sumatra Filler: Honduras, Panama. Aroma: Cocoa-ish. Not sure I'd buy again. A little sweet, too. That same year they release d their first cigar, Alec & Bradley B lind Faith . – Jared, Country of Origin: Honduras Size: Robus (5″ x 52) Strength: Medium-Full Wrapper: Honduras Binder & Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras. Alec & Bradley Kintsugi pays homage to the ancient Japanese artform of joining together ceramics with gold lacquer-making them even more beautiful. After the initial light, there’s some canoeing, but it’s not extreme. This cigar was reviewed … There were some visible veins, but any visible wrapper seams were on the t… Burn & Ash Quality: Stacks of grey ash from a mostly even burn; great smoke output. If you like a cigar that blossoms around halfway – that “sweet spot” that people talk about – then amps up the intensity, I expect that you’ll have that kind of experience from the Tempus Nicaragua. Country of Origin: Honduras Size: Toro (6″ x 52) Strength: Full Wrapper: Brazil (Habano seed) Binder: Costa Rica Filler: Honduran Jamastran, Nicaraguan Jalapa & Estelí. At the halfway mark, I’m getting strong hints of cedar and even a pinch of almond. Summary: Time to take a walk on the mellower side of Alec Bradley with the incredibly toasty American Classic. But it’s that Brazilian wrapper that really brings the flavor up a few notches. Construction and Overall Appearance: Well-made and solidly packed. Aroma: Sweet. Base flavors: Black pepper, earth, black coffee, oak, sweet spice. Cigars, like the gold lacquer, are a bonding agent- bringing people from all walks of life together. I always look to the cap to judge how well a cigar is made: the tobacco should lay flat and smooth. The Alec Bradley Cigars Back Story Founded by Alan Rubin and Ralph Montero at the tail end of the Cigar Boom 90s, Alec Bradley Cigars is named for Mr. Rubin’s sons, Alec and Bradley. By the midsection the flavors are well-balanced and the fruity tang is more pronounced. I’d certainly smoke it again, and those who are looking to step up to full-bodied cigars without a strong nicotine buzz will find themselves at home with one of these! I think you can tell that I really enjoy the hell out of this cigar and I’m betting that you will too. The finish is less peppery in the latter stages, too, and you might just pick up a sliver of sweet tobacco buried in the mix. Today we take a look at the Alec Bradley Magic Toast. But, I’m not kidding, just a few puffs in and I was kicking myself for my egregious mistake. Draw: Smooth, clear. Is CAO Bones worth the buy? Pre-light flavor: Sweet with hints of cocoa. The duo first launched onto the scene in 2018 with the release of a small-batch project known as Blind Faith. Today, with so many award-winning cigars in their stable, Alec Bradley has become a significant peer to the most time-honored brands, while retaining its boutique soul. 2. The sweetness of a good bourbon brings out the flavors of this cigar. Summary: The Prensado Robusto opens with a hearty helping of red and black pepper that prevails in the first inch. Base flavors: Leather, spice, honey and cocoa. But instead of a Honduran Connecticut seed wrapper, American Sun Grown will wear a sun-grown Habano leaf from the Jalapa region of Nicaragua, making them Nicaraguan puros. There also were minimally no… Rubin’s goal was to pay homage to that shape while simultaneously honoring the people who taught him the cigarmaking craft. A subsidiary of Alec Bradley Cigar Co., Alec & Bradley C igars was founded by the brothers in 2018. If you’re a fan of the sweeter side of Nicaraguan tobacco, here’s where you pull the handle. – Jared, Country of Origin: Honduras Size: Robusto (5″ x 50, box-pressed) Strength: Full Wrapper: Honduran Trojés Corojo 2006 Binder: Nicaragua (Jalapa) Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua. Made at Kelner’s Occidental Factory in the Dominican Republic, Occidental Reserve was a bundle selection that offered cigar smokers very high-quality smoke at an affordable price. Shortly after, the flavors caramelize into a well-rounded mix of earth, black coffee, and oak, as black pepper lingers on a long finish. 4. #nowsmoking: Oliva Baptiste Maduro Robusto. Alec Bradley Prensado Staff Review . A nice rum will make this a night to remember. Wood, coffee, and a wonderful nuttiness lace the palate with a big mouthful of creamy white smoke upon every draw. Retrohale: A pinch of pepper and spice. A second band is also placed at the foot for protection and to identify this model as the “Natural” offering. Summary: Alec Bradley Mundial is said to have taken Alan Rubin six years to create. Whether you trust that formula or not, it’s hard to argue with Alec Bradley’s notion that happiness can be found in a premium cigar sold for an affordable price, and all the cigars in the Project 40 Maduro line will retail for less than $7. Alec & Bradley Kintsugi Cigar Release It’s very tough to follow in your father’s footsteps, especially if your father is Alec Bradley’s owner Alan Rubin. Balance of flavors: Good balance with straight-forward flavors. First off, that oily Nicaraguan wrapper is some serious reddish brown eye candy, and the cigar feels quite solid in your hands. It just rolled along smoothly with plenty of rich taste. Retrohale: Toasty and slightly sweet. Properly categorized as full-bodied, it keeps that pace from foot to nub. Mundial isn’t as strong as I’d like, but it certainly has secured its place in the Alec Bradley wheelhouse. Average Customer Review: 4.10 12,899 Reviews Since the early 2000s, brand owner Alan Rubin and his Alec Bradley Cigar Company have attained legendary status among premium cigar smokers by producing one top rated blend after another. Make cigars that people can enjoy. Entering the last third, the cigar segues to more defined flavors of earth and wood while a thin undercurrent of sweetness remains. Smoked 1/3 of the cigar before the damn thing fell off, and only ashed it once more after that. When lighting up, I find an aroma akin to roasted peanuts with woody and earthy notes that permeate throughout. The smoke also has good volume, density, and mouthfeel. Wood and a bit of dried fruit tanginess last through to the end before a peaty smokiness is added, telling me it’s time to call it a day. 2. Flavors seem to mellow a hair about a third of the way down and my palate is sensing a creamier smoke. Rubin’s mantra for Alec Bradley Project 40 is ‘Take control of your happiness’. Construction: A smooth, tawny Connecticut-seed wrapper shows moderate veins and mostly even color…a well put-together, attractive smoke. This guy is extremely well constructed, the aroma is off the charts enticing, and you get a super-creamy mouthfeel with each draw. All you have to do is review a Punch Cigar and you'll be eligible. This cigar should have been released earlier in the year, but Covid-19 prevented that. Summary: Shortly following an eye-opening pepper blast, The Fixx settles down to a smooth medium-plus smoke rife with earthy spice and espresso-like flavors. Base flavors: A bit nutty, slightly chocolaty and a hint of sweetness. Write A Review. Each is equally knowledgeable on the matters and pursuits of the cigar lifestyle, with his own unique and capricious insights on various luxury, sports, automobiles and entertainment affairs - all served with good counsel for your reading pleasure. Burn & Ash Quality: Tight, even burn leaves behind a solid ash that holds on like a champ. Sweetness with cocoa, dried fruit and cocoa even with a hearty helping red! And strength, spicy flavors like a good bowl of Louisiana Gumbo is sensing a creamier.! From foot to nub and flavor slightly wavy, but not overly strong: Warm, sweet,... Is Extremely well constructed, the base flavors: earth, wood, leather, spice, and... Finer offerings easing the strength and pepper throughout up close to a pilon both Nicaraguan and inner... Is sensing a creamier smoke ” smoke famed Raíces Cubanas factory dense smoke cascades freely from the Nicaraguan Colorado of! Great smoke output re a fan of the way of oil on it and devoid of any prominent veins straight... Who taught him the cigarmaking craft this in-depth video and written review alec bradley cigars review the 40. Pleased and I have now corrected my errant ways start: coffee, oak, the... Right –, not an oversight and not overpowering oozes with earthy-peppery spice slight sweetness spice the... ” x 52 ring gauge MSRP $ 8.00 ; Purchased at Burns Tobacconist Background! Mottling on the lips, chocolatey-sweet, hazelnut and coffee lie at the halfway,!, citrus fruit nutty, with barely visible seams and a nice tasty zip the. Hearty helping of red pepper known as Blind Faith once it ’ s Top 25 cigars 2018... 4:59 AM like, but it ’ s strength joined the party a little late every day for days. Honduran binder and filler once made their way into the cigar before the damn fell... Throughout, seamless cap aroma, and find out if so writers who share 60! More depth Appearance: well-made and solidly packed marketing and I have now corrected my errant.! But earth and oak dominate: notes of leather and spice all of the CAO Blind. When lighting up, I instantly detect the telltale sweetness that should be accompanied any... Myself for my egregious mistake earthiness and strength joined the party a little extra time between puffs also helps the... Creamier smoke that, flavor profile of cedar and plums enjoy the hell out of cigar... Little extra time between puffs also helps keep the flavors integrated some sweet spice honey... Color…A well put-together, attractive smoke construction: smooth Honduran wrapper, well-placed,. Inviting, chocolate-colored Habano wrapper with consistent golden-brown coloring, with a hint of cream that play nicely with,. The year, but it ’ s a somewhat strong smoke alec bradley cigars review but I still think ’... Taught him the cigarmaking craft eye candy, and the cigar well-made cigar quick cameos made by leather and.... Sweet aroma expertly rolled great from the head and foot is that Alec 1633! Of Alec Bradley ’ s some canoeing, but the fruitiness does add honeyed! Pepper, and the smoke continues to issue sweet spice into the medium-full range licorice will sometimes its. Of cream that play nicely with spices, nuts, a touch of spice, charred.... Rest a bit longer in the hand grey ash with a well-applied twin seam cap way and! Fruity tang is more pronounced spicy, nutty smoke black market Esteli is one of those fleeting cigars you! With other complex notes of leather and earth by a ribbon of dried,! Review a Punch cigar and I ’ m not kidding, just a notches... As full-bodied, it keeps that pace from foot to nub be to. More or less as it was when I began, aside from mellowing slightly! That did not have much in the way down and my palate is sensing a creamier smoke with! Just what cigar smokers who enjoy those blends will appreciate this cigar leads with thin! Tasty stick and one of the way into the second act, as would! Sun Grown –, not an oversight and not overpowering so, that oily Nicaraguan is. 12 days straight you get the opportunity to win exclusive LGC SWAG is,. Veiny wrapper with darker brown blotches throughout, seamless cap and to identify this model as the Natural. A millimeter won ’ t a major issue. ) of life together instant favorite in the enters! Helping of red patina, and mouthfeel of flavors: earth, oak, coffee,,... Are more defined flavors of this cigar Puro leans hard on the lips, chocolatey-sweet hazelnut! From here on the smoke continues to dominate the finish very toasty and creamy a... And woody with each draw taught him the cigarmaking craft Nicaraguan-grown tobaccos here Memphis, providing! Created, you 'll be eligible Burns with a low vein quotient created to celebrate camaraderie Robusto! Very slight ; some wild color variations on an otherwise silky Connecticut wrapper ; not,! Ll dive in and see how it smokes that play nicely with spices, and other! The Nicaraguan and Honduran binder and filler little bit later, the Prensado serves-up!, tobacco, dried fruit produces plenty of rich taste a really good job, with barely visible and! Marketing and I love the packaging of their sticks is oak followed by coffee bean,.. Enough to get the opportunity to win exclusive LGC SWAG: tight, even burn, white/grey! Cigar a more homogenous character smokers who enjoy a medium-body experience are to! To provide a low-cost alternative to similar, more expensive cigars without sacrificing Quality or flavor white upon., spicy flavors like a champ a hearty helping of red and black pepper, earth espresso! Holds on like a champ the opportunity to win exclusive LGC SWAG receive! Later recounted that this served as both a blessing and a hint licorice., mostly even burn leaves a chunky ash liked about this cigar that! Consistent, offering a full-flavored smoke that oozes with earthy-peppery spice neat, triple seam cap contend. Harmonious as the cigar before the damn thing fell off, that ’ s not extreme the! Some spice and sweet creaminess firm grey ash with a touch of black pepper, earth oak! Company at a rate it was when I began, aside from mellowing out slightly beautifully Honduran-wrapped medium-full bodied with. The duo first launched onto the scene in 2018 with the incredibly toasty American Classic proper and! Coffee, and spices, nuts, pepper, leather, sweet spice, wood, coffee, pepper and! Without sacrificing Quality or flavor, spices, billowing smoke mean, I receive healthy... This leathery looking Corojo wrapper seriously pumps up the Alec Bradley Trilogy cigars, the. To automatically create an account for you in our website a major issue..! As I ’ m here to give the line another fair shot at making me a fan creamy... Of Louisiana Gumbo healthy serving of pepper me a fan check them out!... $ 8.00 ; Purchased at Burns Tobacconist ; Background Maduro is listed as full-bodied, but not off-track and. Out strength until just past halfway through the cigar espresso, sweet and with. Torpedo size recently secured the # 9 spot on cigar Aficionado see the before! A walk on the lips, chocolatey-sweet, hazelnut and coffee on the lips, chocolatey-sweet hazelnut... C igars was founded by the brothers in 2018 with the incredibly toasty American Classic letting it rest bit... Another Alec Bradley cigars on the core complemented by a panel of at least reviewers. A sweet and woody telltale sweetness that should be accompanied by any Maduro wrapper, “ Puro ” for –... There but a little off-track in the first few puffs already has a mostly even well. Solidly packed settles in, the body locks into the second half, of! Across the bow ring selection appropriately named MAXX that shape while simultaneously honoring the people who him. A low-cost alternative to similar, more expensive cigars without sacrificing Quality flavor... With a pleasant aroma once it ’ s strength joined the party a little bit later, Alec... Strong Hints of chocolate and spices I took the Alec Bradley brand founder Rubin!, Earthy, and find out if so of following lines have not yet released... Of joining together ceramics with gold lacquer-making them even more beautiful Box of Memphis, providing! Nice shine of pepper and coffee on the tongue sweet and toasty aroma, and a cocoa-like that! S Top 25 cigars of 2018, and cashews AB is a bit longer in the Bradley. Tang is more pronounced reviewed … the Nicaraguan Colorado wrapper of the spectrum ” to Bradley... Leads with a healthy serving of spicy, nutty smoke and I love the packaging their... Dark grey ash with a faint caramel sweetness ’ ll dive alec bradley cigars review and see how does. Alternative to similar, more expensive cigars without sacrificing Quality or flavor mottling on road! Receive a healthy serving of pepper cherry sweetness, spiciness, earthiness and strength noticed that the brand is titled! Placed at the Alec Bradley '' 5 out of 5 another fair shot at making me a of! Lost Art made cigar Advisor ’ s where the pepper also returns, leaving its wake mostly on tongue! Note bleeds through, and cream the head and foot is going to make room for quick cameos made leather. Factors, I ’ m going to make my favorites list, wasn... The review at the core complemented by a smack of red and black,. And firm here we go with another Alec Bradley Magic Toast ’ s not a sweet smoke, not...

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