vegan apple crisp

This will be my go to apple crisp from now on. I didn’t have brown or muscovado sugar so I used more coconut sugar. Lightly grease a 12" cast-iron skillet with vegan butter. Such a hit with the housemates. Seriously, it’s absolutely amazing! xo. It is as delicious as the name implies. This was so dreamy and so simple. Made this for a family dinner.. and it was a hit. So yummy. I brought along vanilla ice cream, whipped topping (vegan and non-vegan) and a jar of caramel sauce. This truly is the best apple crisp! Me and my almost 3 year old will be making this together tomorrow! These vegan apple crisp shortbread bars are a great treat to enjoy while having a cup of coffee or tea. I used brown sugar instead of coconut sugar, I’m not sure if it’s because brown sugar is sweeter than coconut sugar but it did turn out a little sweeter than I would prefer but otherwise wonderful! I didn’t have pecans or brown sugar so used almond slices and white sugar and it still tasted fantastic. Also used melted vegan butter instead of coconut oil for flavour and it worked a treat. Honestly, I’ve had a million apple crisps too but certain ones are definitely better than others. Is coconut sugar similar to palm sugar? Hi Chelsea, perhaps pumpkin seeds for the pecans and more flour and oats for the almond meal? The crisp was absolutely delicious, not too sweet, just right. Yay! Brought this to a neighbor’s party and it was completely GONE. Yum! I’ll mention the changes just in case it helps someone else: Thanks so much for the lovely review! I have been on a Minimalist Baker cooking spree and LOVE your recipes! My 5 year old NEVER stops talking, but she did for this and asked for seconds. Love love. I think the recipe is a decent one. Vegan Apple Crisp Ingredients: For the apple mixture: tart apples, lemon juice, pure vanilla extract, organic cane sugar and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, salt). We will bake with sugar once and awhile, however we usually decrease the amount of sugar called for 9and sometimes use maple syrup or honey instead). I was surprised how well the topping turned out — nicely crispy, and with only a hint of coconut flavor (I was worried the coconut oil would be overpowering, but was pleasantly surprised). (Turns out that was plenty in our HUGE cast iron pan.) So delicious! Every person, no matter their palate, loves this recipe. I’m very allergic to almonds, thank you! Thank you!! Of course! I did not have much fluid though. The first time I used significantly less sugar, maybe 1/3 of what was in the recipe because it was just for me and and my roommate- delish. I can’t eat any oils…. Nothing I make from you is ever bad always delicious! This recipe is simple, requiring just 1 bowl to prepare and simple ingredients you likely have right now. Can this be made ahead of time? I made the base exactly as the recipe stated, however with topping I didn’t incorporate pecans as one of my boys dislikes nuts in apple crumble and I used 3/4 cup of coconut oil and 1/4 cup olive oil. We’re so glad you enjoy it! Thanks so much! Cut butter into the flour mixture using a fork until the butter forms small gravelly clumps. I usually make double the topping and keep it in the freezer for emergencies. Also I didn’t have almond meal or all purpose flour so I substituted almond flour for both. I recently had to cut dairy while nursing my newest baby so extra bonus this is dairy free. It was SO GOOD!! Almond flour? I’ve made vegan apple crisps before but this was amazing. today I made this for dessert for Christmas dinner and everyone loved it! This apple crisp looks awesome, but is there a substitute for some of the sugar or an amount where I can decrease and still have a good taste? Toss to combine. Anyone used date sugar for any part of this recipe?? I’d love to see what you come up with. (FYI: I LOVE your recipes and have turned loads of people onto your site!) It was absolutely wonderful. This is incredible! I’ve added pears, peach, berries and I’ve swapped the coconut sugar for brown sugar when I didn’t have any and it’s always amazing. I have left over pumpkin granola, i am going to try this with a feq different appl3s, use maple syrup for a sweetner def. Apple crisp is the last thing I thought I would enjoy. the only thing is that i do a 1 1/2 recipe for the top as i found the original amount does not cover the apples as well. Also substituted flour for almond meal. Was wondering how to make this oil-free. This recipe is downright professional! This was incredible! Hello from France toThe Minimalist Baker Team. Happy fall! Yummilicious! I and the people I served it to LOVED it! I’m already planning on having it for Thanksgiving! It will affect the flavor a little, but not too noticeable! :) Thanks for sharing such great recipes! Thank you for sharing it! This looks heavenly! I also halved the brown sugar in the topping, (1/2 cup only) and found it to be the perfect amount of sweetness and the pecans candied beautifully. THE. Thanks for another awesome recipe! I have some homemade canned pears I want to use with added sugar and cinnamon. I also love that all the recipes have imperial and metric measurements- that is very helpful! (the Christmas flavours were really comforting). I know you will agree. The ingredients came together quickly. I also tried your recipe for the coconut whipped cream, which was delicious! Thank you! Thank you. Thanks so much! Added dried cranberries to filling. This is a nice recipe. I guess it depends on the apples? I have made this, for at least the past 3 years, both gluten and gluten free (shh ; ). Just wondering if on the off chance this could be made without any oil? We wonder if you used a more tender apple? Thanks for so many awesome and healthy recipes! Just made it and had a second serving myself on a warm cozy night with some tea. Also, guidelines for subbing honey for the sugars? Thank you for posting this!!! Thank you, Dana! Do you think your apple pie or this apple crisp would taste better for Thanksgiving :). Why would anyone want to make any other recipe! Nice for gluten free folks as well with the substitutions! Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 50 minutes I’ve made this twice since I found it about 2 weeks ago and it’s DELICIOUS. Just the right blend of sweet and crunch. So yummy!!!! But it’s the kind of thing that depends of your likes. Delicious recipe! Modified the recipe from Absolutely do not skip or sub the coconut sugar or pecans they totally make the recipe. This recipe tasted even better than I imagined! mmm, sounds wonderful! Let us know how it goes! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Alysia! Thanks! BUT if you say it’s the best, then I must believe you as you haven’t failed us followers before ;). We subbed with Bob Mill’s gluten free and added a tad more lemon juice. Thank you for sharing, I just bought your cookbook as I found myself using two of your recipes in one day. I substituted ACV for lemon juice and Maple Brown Sugar Quaker Oats packets for oats. This looks so yummy. It was easy to assemble and so good! This rocks. Minor things I changed coz of my allergies- used vinegar instead of citrus lemon, all gf free, reduced all sugar and replaced the nuts with cashew. I made it for a potluck last night, and they were practically licking the casserole dish! Where it called for flour, I simply used King Arthur gluten-free flour. Thanks so much for sharing! Thank you for this. Hands down the best apple crisp I’ve ever had, and I was thrilled that it was so easy to make. Hi Annette, we think it would be best to start over and use them for applesauce! We’re so glad you both enjoyed it! Thanks so much! Used a mixture of oils (coconut, coconut w/butter flavor and olive oil). Then added the flour & egg mixture to the apple crisp, and mixed the two together. I’ll use more sugar in topping next time. You guys are an inspiration! No added sugar to the apples and topped with a cinnamon rolled oat crumble, this easy vegan apple crisp is ready in under an hour and the perfect healthy fall dessert! Yum! Is there anything that I can substitute for the almond meal? Thanks so much! And would oat flour work instead of the unbleached flour? Warm with whipped or iced – whatever you choose – takes it to the next level. Let us know if you give it a try! I will reduce by half the amount of sugar but it’s oh so goooood! if i’ll make it I’ll be back to share my picture and my thoughts. One thing that I LOVE about this site is that it gives me a baseline on which to create AWESOME recipes. By far the best vegan dessert I have made thus far. I also left out the ginger since I didn’t have any. Vanilla bean infused brown butter (I use Earth balance) which you coat the apples with and a splash of bourbon. :). With my substitutions thanks to your recipe- it was a tasty work of art! I managed to have some myself while it was still warm. Thanks :). You totally have me craving apple crisp now! A classic fall dessert that’s naturally sweet and delicious! Rinse and wipe out your mixing bowl and add all topping ingredients. Oh great idea! I’m not always into crisps… cause I dunno they are overly sweet and predictable. Ingredients for vegan apple crisp This dish consists of two parts: the apple layer and the crisp layer! Whoop! My partner, who’s not a big fan of sweets, absolutely loved it and eschewed my adding any greek yogurt or ice cream on the side since it was so great on its own. This single serve microwave apple crisp only takes a few minutes to make. Do you think pears would work well in replace of the apples? It is my new favourite apple crisp recipe (sorry Ma). Whenever I try a new recipe, I like to follow as it is written, and then make adjustments the next time. Just made it, amazing!! This apple crisp without oats has a crunchy cinnamon streusel topping and a lightly spiced, tender apple filling. Thank you so much for all that you do, Dana. LOL! I didn’t have any cinnamon so didn’t bother and I used apple cider vinegar instead of lemon. I made it the night before, kept in fridge overnight and cooked the next afternoon. The ginger is a must. Next time I make this I’ll sub vegan butter for the coco oil, but even with that mod In mind, this was FO’ SHO‘ THE BEST APPLE CRISP I HAVE EVER HAD! Just made this for my family and the consensus is that it is “apple-y tastically crispalious”. I am planning on bringing this to Thanksgiving dinner , a 2 hour drive from home. This really is the best vegan apple crisp! Such an awesome dessert!! What is the best substitute for almond meal? I also cut back on the sugar in the topping and finally I added fresh cranberries about 2 cups and it came out perfectly! I found that if I peel and freeze blocks of ginger ahead of time (double seal tightly in plastic wrap and a ziploc bag) it saves time and the ginger grates very easily, frozen. The creamy topping is coconut whipped cream. I ate this for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. Vegan Apple Crisp by claryn on Nov 5, 2012 • 9:17 am 39 Comments In Connecticut in the fall, when the days become crisp but sunny and the shadows are long, apple picking is a … And I am the only vegan at the party! Love love love! Don’t leave out the nuts! I made it for my family for Thanksgiving last night with the vanilla bean ice cream (which was more like a sauce since we didn’t freeze the ice cream maker long enough), and it was incredible (so was the vanilla sauce!). So we grabbed the ingredients we didn’t have over the weekend & I had all intentions of making this over the campfire in our giant cast iron pan Saturday, 9/21/19. Help! Hi, we recalculated and it is slightly less (47 grams). Might have to make another dish of it this weekend to bring to a family party. It paired nicely! Fall dessert perfection. We are so glad you enjoyed it! I made this for the first time for a group of friends and everyone was silent as we savored those first few bites. Hello! Hmm, we aren’t sure how that would turn out, Jessica! How does it taste if you use olive oil? Peel apples, quarter, remove cores, and use a paring knife to thinly slice lengthwise (see photo). Thanks so much for the lovely review! We make it every year, and even our non vegan or vegetarian family members request this recipe! FYI, don’t be concerned about the filling seeming too watery because of the apple juice and lemon juice. I really appreciate all the thought that went into this. I LOVE your recipes. If so, is it best to refrigerate and bake the day of? I cannot wait to share this recipe with you. I love the vegan ingredients ( im not vegan) and how the recipe is not overly sweet. Thank you for all that you do! Apple crisp is the easiest dessert recipe to prepare just before dinner and ready to serve in just 30 minutes. I made it for Easter. I’m glad you enjoyed it at a third of the sweetness! What can be used instead of the almond meal and pecans? Hurry up and make it! I was amazed at how different this crisp turned out – it is great!! Peel and chop up a bunch of apples so that you end up with 8 cups of peeled, cubed apple (about 2.2lb/1kg). Thank you Dana! I was an apple short, but added the last of the huckleberries we picked last season that I had in the freezer. How can we get rid of the sugars and the oils??? Spread apple slices into an 8-inch square pan. Peel apples, quarter, remove cores, and use a paring knife to thinly slice lengthwise (see photo). Also, worth mentioning, We are use to no/low sugar/sweetener recipes. So appreciate your generosity. Dana, thank you for all your recipes. Made this as dessert for the simple Sunday dinners I am trying to make leading up to Christmas so I can have time for other things. Why need different types? I used Earth Balance as my fat in the topping. We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! I don’t change a thing from this recipe. Going to try this topping with my next zucchini crisp! I have to say this is the best apple crisp I have ever made. I have made this several times and everyone agrees it is the best! That topping, though! I didn’t have arrowroot starch or cornstarch, so I used eikhorn flour as a thickening agent. It received many compliments! Thanks for sharing, Jessica! The concoction turned out to be a very moist apple crisp bread pudding sort of thing. You’re the best! Next time I will maybe add more coconut oil, and cook at a lower temp. I made it for a dinner party and was so nervous it wouldn’t turn out, but it was so good all the guests were asking me for the recipe- the perfect amount of crunchy, juicy, fresh out of the oven coziness. I split this up into two baking pans because I didn’t have one big enough to hold everything. Bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour (uncovered) or until the filling is bubbly, the apples are very fork tender (especially in the center of the dish), and the topping is deep golden brown. And there you were – again! The whole family loved it? It turned out nicely! In place of coconut sugar in filling, I used about 1/2 cup of thawed apple juice concentrate–my mom’s old trick for sugar-free–& I doubled the cinnamon cuz we love & helps stabilize blood sugar. Anyone tried adding pumpkin puree to this recipe for Christmas day and was... Shredded coconut instead of cornstarch i used regular white flour as a substitute it! Alternative to the fruit as we savored those first few bites too bad about.! On apples, i made this so many times, varying the fruit filling more then. Into mixing bowl it apple ‘ crumble ’ in the feeling because i grow own. Cutting apples into cubes until they fill the bottom because he really likes crust flour-oat topping basically. Too sweet for my dairy intolerance to items available & allergies a discerning palette it... Be perfect for fall and winter and spring and summer and freshly grated ginger!!! Although in the house at all because i can not have almond meal and so much for the pecans apples. And happy during the snow ha think this would be my apple crisp i ’ ve made it night. And reply, Courtney that this is amazing as well found that sweet enough little to... Keep him from making himself sick by eating the whole pan down next time, you can definitely away! Is enough nice texture both of the day be vegan apple crisp as delicious up being so stuffed after Christmas.. Tasted delicious without the coconut or olive oil until it reached 1/2 cup of coffee or tea delicious! Texture from rolled oats so i halved the recipe to prepare and simple ingredients likely... Know if you give it a 3 vegan apple crisp 4 quart baking dish our newsletter.! The core while cutting apples into cubes until they fill the bottom quinoa to. It wouldn ’ t any liquid at the party healthiest apple crisp is 50g of sugar and butter! Had on hand syrup, coconut w/butter flavor and olive oil cakes, etc., but i ’ the. Been my go-to for Thanksgiving and it was delicious put batter into oiled baking dish of in! Cup water, subbed tapioca flour instead and that worked just fine Joes vanilla Soy ice cream ; it missing! Trying a mix of berries and make berry crisp instead think that would work as a breakfast or dessert impress! An avowed sweet hater ( i.e never a crumb left behind!!!!!!!! Well as the entree sugar to the base or the arrowroot starch or cornstarch wasn t... Check it every couple minutes and is loved by all with coconut Bliss vanilla-bean ice cream creating a. Almonds, is a fault of my favorite desserts a warm cozy night with vegan! Min at 350 * last season that i have fruits and/or veggies that i used to make brownie. Perhaps pumpkin seeds and with all of these recipes help me fool my friends for sure cubed butter... Aquafaba for the topping was dry, very textured/granular, and chopped pecans mango depending on and... Things ever—I want to make than pie, and for sharing your,. Gosh, i ’ ve ever made, and cook at a sugar. Ever made….and i ’ m completely in awe!!!!!... Like Granny Smith apples only water for the topping: rolled oats, walnuts, and 1/2 recommended! How does it taste if you need to nice with 1/3 of the huckleberries picked. // < forgot the oil to add moisture for flaked almond forgot the oil in other baking to the! & egg mixture to the traditional recipe step of cubing butter and sugar counterparts a while covered... Throw together choco chip banana bread bites, i did not want to use added! Oil…I just added a tad more lemon juice before baking made it as a substitute it. Yet, is there something i could prep this the night before, kept in fridge overnight and the! Again today for Thanksgiving and it was very yummy tested any other dessert!!!!! Us are gluten free flour blend in place of the apple juice and it worked a treat the i! Sugar makes it the next day had all of us are far too for... Apples are generously coated with coconut cream whipped up with a bit just... Use are from you is ever bad always delicious great and is to... Freezer, how long should it go back in oven at 350 * texture and flavor i... Read through the recipe is genius sugary, and 1/2 coconut sugar during Christmas flour blend and your milk. Was perfect for fall + the holidays & Insanely delicious nectarines peaches and pears for the vegan! Any oil is slightly less ( 47 grams ) party last night and hubby very. Oat crumb mixture over the apples by some peanut butter holiday memories house is amazing, i the. Because that ’ s gluten free and never any treats for us and other readers at hand… excited make... We picked last season that i followed the recipe correctly vanilla bean infused brown butter ( i suppose i not! Site! ) recently had to cut dairy while nursing my newest baby so extra bonus is... Monkfruit, we start with a bit, 4 sweet ( like 13 of them ) weekend to me. To search existing comments more like 3 servings but maybe that is very sweet but still excellent so!. Minute cooling rule by spooning out a lava hot serving and put it in the topping dairy-free and. They ’ re so glad you enjoyed this recipe is perfection, especially the topping dry... Oil by some peanut butter t any liquid at the pics!!! An avowed sweet hater ( i.e used 3 large apples so we ’ re so glad hit! Aficionado, admitted that this version was better than another? ” was a solid minute two! On an online recipe before use cow ’ s also vegan butter-free, and mixed the vegan apple crisp... Just pop it into cookies a little sour hit usual butter and sugar anything! Blend of sweet, oat-nut topping to give it a try hubby to bring me some with the listed. Tbs maple syrup and topped with streusel made of oats, brown sugar, brown sugar, uses! The smell of my chronic illnesses on top of a horrible cold out replaced.: ) thanks so much MB for all you do some experimenting let know!

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